Mission Control Center

The TSZ, designed as a mobile platform based on a 20 foot [high cube] freight container,

is supposed to enable the control of all test and launch procedures, the communication with
the rocket / test bench and the collection and display of all acquired data. The basic idea and implemantation is inspired by the control centres used by DLR MORABA.
The functions ful lled by the the TSZ are up to 5 PC-workplaces with multiple displays for
control of the test bench and rocket launch as well as data acquisition and evaluation, a
large main display, the necessary data and power management, briefi ng and recreation room,
thermal regulation and lighting, storage and a porch.
The main part of the concept is a arrangement of four nearly identical boxes, each a workspace equipped with a PC, two monitors, keyboard and mouse, panic-button, shelfs, lighting and climate control. These boxes are accumulated for optimal volume utilisation and supplemented with various drawers.
The wall to the right of the entry is tamped by di fferent elements for supporting presentations
and meetings. In addition to a adjustable monitor there are two big segmented whiteboards.
The lower line is constructed as folding tables. Underneath the whitewalls a seating bench
for intermission, small meetings and additional workspace is placed. From there the use of
the described folding tables is possible as well. Five integrated identical drawer are providing
large amount of storage.